Freelance Illustration

Editorial Illustrations
Looking for engaging editorial illustrations for advertising pieces or promotional materials? I've completed stylish and informative editorial cartoon illustrations for McGraw-Hill, Prentiss-Hall, Wolters Kluwer and Publications International. 

Looking for custom caricature illustrations and cartoon pictures for your next media guide, promotional piece or personal project?  I have created caricatures for some notable personalities and names in the arts, professional sports, entertainment and the corporate world - and can create  caricature art that reflects as much detail and whimsy as desired.

Comic Books & Graphic Novels
I've successfully created unique and custom comic book art, comic strips, illustrated stories and graphic novel illustrations; from short 2 to 4 page comics to lengthier 16 or 24 page books or novels. I can emulate a variety of comic book and graphic novel illustration styles and combine that style with visually dynamic page layout and eye-catching drawings - guaranteed to give your story the impact and attention it deserves.

My mural artwork ranges from fun cartoons to realistic and informative wall graphics. Because of my versatility, I can create mural art to visually sell your vision and idea or promote your company's image or product brand.

Medical Illustrations
The production of medical information aimed at the lay public has been expanding, so this is truly a burgeoning market.  I am proud to say I've already gotten my foot (no pun intended) in the door, with anatomical illustrations successfully completed for several medical text books and journals. 

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