Illustrated Maps

Capture and present the unique details of your resort, theme park, campus, town or business location with a colorful, illustrated map. My custom map art, pictorial maps, and cartoon maps invite exploration, fun and a bit of adventure. The map illustrations I create can also serve as excellent promotional items, helping you direct visitors to preferred features, sponsor contests or other promotions or even work in conjunction with neighboring businesses to create a unique treasure hunt, contest or special sale.

I can create maps for your location in a variety of styles, from whimsical and fun to semi-realistic including:
  • Tourism Maps
  • Informational Maps
  • Aerial Overviews
  • Realistic 3D Maps
  • Brochures
  • Classroom Maps
  • and many more...

Your imagination, along with my expert design and illustration capabilities, will produce a pictorial map that clients, customers, tourists – and even students and teachers - will talk about and share for years to come.

To get started with your illustrated map, just contact Bot Roda to discuss your ideas!

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