Bot Roda - PA Based Illustrator

Map for Splashdown Vernon water park in Vernon, British Columbia to be used for marketing and promotional ad campaigns.

Why Work with Bot Roda?

1. Bot Roda's EASY to Work with

No ego, no complications. Need changes? You'll get them. No muss, no fuss.

2. Bot Roda Works Quickly

Most deadlines are not a problem. Next day turnarounds are common.

3. Bot Can (Almost) Read Your Mind

Bot has an amazing knack for capturing what's in your minds' eye..

4. Bot Roda Works In Many Different Styles

From whimsical and humorous to serious or satirical, Bot Roda can create any genre.

No Job too BIG,... No Job too small!

Represented by the prestigious American Artists in NYC, and also by Ken Leyden (Leyden Diversified in Philadelphia), Bot Roda has a reputation that extends beyond the Lancaster area. Bot's assignments as an illustrator, storyboard artist, illustrated map maker and caricaturist have originated from sources that include corporations, ad agencies, design studios, book and magazine publishers, theme parks, major league sports teams, and businesses big and small.

Here is a sampling of the clients I've worked with: